Abel Island Fly-In, Float-in, Potluck and BBQ

This weekend our club was planning to host a poker run (or flight actually) but looking at the weather I had a feeling that there will be no flying at all on Sunday morning. A front was moving in through Iowa and brought nice line of thunderstorms with it. Typically for Midwest this line of thunderstorms and precipitation is about 50 miles wide and several hundred miles long. With tops up there in flight levels it’s impossible to fly around or over it. So when it moves in it’s better to stay on the ground.

With potentially no flying on Sunday I started to look for a flying destination for Saturday. Looking at various websites that list aviation events I’ve found that Abel’s Island is hosting their 12th Annual Abel Island Fly-In, Float-in, Potluck and BBQ. Abel Island is a small community located on one of the island on Mississippi river. It small and relatively quiet if you don’t count airplane nice for they have a nicely maintained grass strip in the middle of the island. Every year at the end of vacation season they host a BBQ-Potluck party. It has very simple rules – hosts provide space and grills, you bring your own meat and side dishes.

When I woke up Saturday morning and checked the weather things didn’t look too good. The front was moving in faster than they predicted (but still at only 15mph) and it was threatening to rich Cedar Rapids around 3pm. After  a little bit of checking and quick brain storm with Iza we’ve decided to skip the flight and drive.

When we got there we were surprised by rows of airplanes and a lot of people. I did not expect it will be so big. Unfortunately it turned out that many of the pilots instead of canceling their flights due to weather decided to come early. The fly in was supposed to start at noon and go until 3pm, but in fact most of them flew in around 10am and when we came just after noon they were already packing up to get home before the storms. Despite that we still had good time and having rest of the afternoon free (and having our car) we have visited some neighbouring parks and had dinner at best Supper Club we’ve ever been to – Black Angus in Prairie du Chien.

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Tanya GargSeptember 8th, 2012 at 2:56 am

Many good things happened with you in this trip isn’t ? like this place called you, come n enjoy this time here..hahahah 🙂

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